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01. Anam Dormitory

Anam dormitories provide a basic living environment and amenities for students from outside the Seoul area allowing them to focus on their studies. The dormitory superintendent, related staff members, assistant superintendents, and the dorm committee are established under the head dormitory superintendent to help create a comfortable living environment, and the dormitories also provide extended stay throughout the semester breaks for the seasonal courses and self-development of the students.

Anam Dormitory Operations Management Team +82-2-3290-1551~2

ormitory superintendent to help create

Name No of floors No of rooms No of persons to
be accommodated
University Dormitory a 6 114 336
University Dormitory a 6 103 308
University Dormitory a 6 85 251
University Dormitory a 4 32 96
Foreigner’s Residence 5 66 91
CJ International House 7 115 295
Frontier 9 475 943
Global House 7 179 406

02. Hoyeon Dormitory

Hoyeon dormitories provide a safe and comfortable living environment as well as amenities (such as seminar rooms, restaurants, shops, laundry room, music room, yoga room, etc.) so that the students can focus on their studies, and the dormitories can accommodate every newly enrolled student if so desired. Also, wire and wireless communications such as LAN and Wi-Fi is installed throughout the facilities. KU is committed to supporting students who are international and fit for this information age.

Hoyeon Dormitory Living Support Team +82-44-860-1851~4

ormitory superintendent to help create

Name No of floors No of rooms No of persons to
be accommodated
Liberty 5 191 573
Justice 5 83 284
Truth 10 333 940
Hoyeon 4 9 497 954

03. Global KU campus

In order to send a large portion of its students to universities abroad, KU is the first Korean university that provides dormitories for KU students studying abroad to help them study in the best possible environment and adapt to local conditions.

Dormitory Status

Educational Institutions Dormitory Name No, of Student Accommodated. Date of Establishment
University of British Columbia
KU-UBC House 200 2002.10.30
Royal Holloway
University of Londo
KU-Sang il Lee Hall 96 2002.04.26