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College of Political Science and Economics, Korea University Introduction

Korea University’s College of Political Science and Economics is one of the top-tiered college in Korea with rigorous research, influential alumni pool and progressive spiritof current students. Founded in 1906 as part of a law school, its identity became clear as department of statistics established in 1963 and department of public policyjoining the college in 1981. With department of statistics, political science and international relations, public administration, and economics combined, college ofpolitical science and economics has turned into the best college in Korea. It is an intellectual reservoir and home to over 70 prominent professors and 2000 studentsworking together to build upon its long history of academic achievement.

Leading the era of globalization, the college has achieved remarkable success in research through multiple learning system such as double major, dual degree, minorprograms and exchange programs. In 2015, 74 of its students went abroad to study as part  of exchange or dual degree programs in 52 universities.

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