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Entry requirements for exchangestudents

  • Must be a currently enrolled student
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (GPAby US standard)
  • Undergraduates must have completed aminimum of 2 full semesters at their home
    institution before theNomination/Application starts
    (Transferred undergraduates /Postgraduates: 1 semester)
    * Transcripts including the secondsemester issued during or after the application period are not acceptable
  • Fluency either in Korean or English(evidence of language proficiency not required)

Required documents for the application


* All documents MUST be in English or with English translation except for Korean.

  • Statement of purpose and goals (what you hope to achieve)
  • One official academic transcript
  • One passport-sized photograph (will be used for student ID card issuance)
  • Clear copy of a valid passport (file size under 50kb)
  • Health Certificate
    : Only the examination taken in August to October for Spring semester (next year)
    and February to April for Fall semester is acceptable.
  • Copy of private health insurance (must be valid throughout your study abroad period)
    Submission deadline: Spring semester : January 31 / Fall semester : July 31
  • Oath of Good Conduct (Must be handwritten)
  • Bank Statement
    : Submit a bank statement opened under your name showing a minimum balance of US$ 5,000 (1 semester), US$ 10,000 (2 semesters) or the same amount of the applicant's country's currency.
    If you cannot provide your bank statement, you can submit your parent's bank statement along with a copy of your 'family relation certificate' or any other official document that can replace the family relation certificate such as birth certificate. All documents must be in English. If not, please attach the English translated version with the following statement for confirmation, 'translated by [ ], date and signature'. (Notarization is not required)

If you are a scholarship recipient,please submit an official certificate or letter that proves your scholar statusand the amount of scholarship benefits such as monthly allowances and so on forthe entire study period



The final selected students will receive a monthly scholarship of 800,000 won from the Korean Council for University Education.