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KU Cinema Trap

Located on the 4th floor of the Media Hall, the belief behind KU Cinema Trap is not to be confined by commercial interests, but maintain diversity and present a holistic understanding. Films are not only selected by their commercial merit, therefore, a variety of excellent films from around the world as well as noteworthy independent art films from Korea and abroad are chosen for screening. Students, graduate students, and faculty members receive 2,000 KRW discount when presenting their ID at ticketing counter.

KU Cinema Trap Notice

  1. The film screenings start on time without commercials.
  2. All foods & drinks are prohibited in the theater except for bottled water.
  3. Admission and ticketing stops 10 minutes after screening starts
  4. Lights do not go up until the end of the credits.
  • KU Cinema Trap Homepage :
  • Contact : Tel. +82-2-924-6579
  • E-mail :
  • Location : Media Hall 4 Floor #412

CDL Theater

CDL Theater is a small theater space built with a high-definition digital cinema system for the best picture and sound quality experience. As a conceptual space, you can book the theater through CDL homepage, and also free movie screenings are available every week.

CDL Global Lounge Book Cafe

15 best-seller books, 15 culture/current affairs journals, and 30 different helpful company magazine such as various employment resources information are available at the Samsung Global Lounge Book Caf on CDL B1.

  • Contact : Tel. +82-2-3290-1507
  • E-mail :
  • Location : Centennial Memorial Hall CDL B1 Floor Samsung Global Lounge

KU Music Appreciation Center

From 10:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. on weekdays during the school year, KU Music Appreciation Center operates on a schedule to provide various genres such as symphonies, chamber music, solo pieces, orchestras, opera, concerto, and vocal music throughout the day. Videos of live recordings and opera performances can be viewed on its 100-inch wide screen, and you can also request music you want to hear.

  • KU Music Appreciation Center Homepage :
  • Contact : Tel. +82-2-922-5204
  • E-mail :
  • Location : Central Square #120

Anam Dormitory Piano Room

For personal piano practice, you can use Anam Dormitory piano room by visiting the security office located on the 1st floor of Anam Dormitory A and register by leaving your student ID.

Rules of Use

  1. Reservation is required to use the piano room
  2. Performing and practicing percussions is prohibited in the piano room
  3. Only individual practice is allow in the piano room, and practicing for group events such as competitions, concourse competitions, concerts, vocal performance, ensembles, and concertos are prohibited. (This rule applies even if one member of the group is playing the piano)
  4. Maximum use of the piano room is two hours a day.
  5. Even if there are multiple members in the group, each group is allowed only two hours a day in the piano room. (This means team members cannot continuously apply for reservation)
  6. Visiting other places within the building, such as residential rooms are banned when headed to the piano room.